A cultural broker sounds like a financial advisor or a banker, but it's not nearly as complicated as it sounds. In the western world, cultural brokers allow for newcomers to feel more welcome and part of their new homes. Cultural brokering has become easier through technology and education. Despite our access to technology and the internet, people still cannot find mutual ground on cultural similarity. Trump's America is more divided than ever and it doesn't seem like their will be a resolution anytime soon.
Think of a cultural broker as a mediator who serves as the tether between two separate worlds. They're able to exist and work in multiple cultures. More importantly, they serve as cultural mentors able to provide guidance on culturally-specific values, beliefs, and practices. These skills are more important than ever as certain cultures and people are minimized to offensive stereotypes.
Keep up with stories of how cultural brokers around both Maine and beyond keep the balance between new and old communities.